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Winning Breakthrough Marketing Strategies For The New Economy

Presented by Dr. Irv Lubis Founder and President Of Dental Success Marketing

"Dr. Irv Lubis founded Dental Success Marketing and Periodontal Success Marketing 27 years ago to help General Dentists and Dental Specialists increase practice profitability utilizing internal and direct-to-consumer marketing. He now works full time in his marketing business and will give some "in and out of the box" scientifically based techniques to help grow your practice despite the economy.

*The Economy's Impact on the Future of Dentistry Up or Down? 5 Expert Opinions

* The Importance Of Branding and Creating A Powerful Brand Identity

* Why you should market to women and how to do it effectively

* How to get your patients to say YES to procedures like implants and complete dentistry

* 7 Principles of Marketing and how they will work for you even in today's economy!

* How to Close the Sale and Get the Patient to Keep their First Appointment

* Why It's Important To Get Started Marketing Now!

* A guaranteed method to acquire highly qualified patients within one week and much more by using my Free Practice Profitability Article Available Here

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